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Bachelor Degree in Cardio Vascular Technology

Bachelor in Cardio Vascular Technology (BCVT) is an Undergraduate Program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences.

Current management of various cardiac disorders includes complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, which involve use of various equipment’s, computer hardware, tools, machines, and pharmacological agents. Handling of these equipment’s and tools as well as their regular maintenance requires advanced and focused knowledge of the scientific principles on which the tests and equipment’s function, as well as to have hands-on skill in using these equipment’s correctly and safely.

This necessitates development of a cadre consisting of science graduates, who obtain focused,relevant knowledge in this specific area of cardiovascular technology through theory classes and supervised practical hands on training.

The graduate program in Cardiovascular Technology consists of three years of clinical faculty supervised theoretic learning and practical hands-on training. This enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills and concepts. At the end of three years the candidates will have to pass the examination to be eligible for the bachelor degree. Upon completion of the 3-year course and one-year internship the candidates will evolve into a full trained, qualified cardiovascular technologist capable of working independently.

Career Opportunities

  • After successful completion of the course, the person can be allowed to perform non-invasive procedures like echocardiography, treadmill and Holter testing under supervision of cardiologist and assist the cardiologist in cardiac catheterization laboratory.
  • Medical companies’ technical adviser
  • Cardiovascular interventional technologist
  • BCVT lecturer
Duration: 4 year Affiliation: Affiliated to Kerala University of Health Sciences Course outline: Download the syllabus       

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