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Diploma in Neuro Technology

Diploma in Neuro Technology (DNT) is a diploma program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health sciences.

Introduction :

The advent of sophisticated electronic requirements and computers has made neurotechnology/neurophysiology as a fast developing specialty. Simultaneously the need for well trained technicians to monitor and use these machines has become all the more urgent. There a very few institutions that offer adequate training in this field. Hence this course is aimed at offering a comprehensive diploma course incorporating the recent advances in the neuro technological and diagnostic equipments in the field.

Objectives :
  • To train the students to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge in the working of equipments in electro physiology lab and neurology ICU
  • To familiarize the students with the knowledge of neurology departments as well as the common diseases in neurology
  • To train the students to acquire the skill of handing, maintaining, arranging and operating the medical instruments in neurology
  • The course is also aimed at training in managing certain medical emergencies arising in the neurophysiology lab.

Duration: 2.6 years Affiliation:Affiliated to Directorate of Medical Education (DME, Govt of Kerala) Course outline: Download the syllabus   

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