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Continuing Medical Education

At LCOAH, we are conducting CME at regular intervals, usually once in every month, both for faculties and students. This would serve to maintain, develop, or increase the knowledge skills and professional performance. Continuing medical education of our Institution named -EXCELLENTIA includes Faculty improvement program, Journal Club, Quiz competition and Webinar Series.

FACULTY IMPROVEMENT PROGRAM is the process of providing professional development training and coaching to the faculty members to help them improve their work performance, particularly in specific areas such as teaching and research. The program is conducting usually once in every month. This creates a systematic way to improve their skills in following domains: Research article discussion, skills necessary to engage in scholarly activities and skills designing and implementing a professional development. This benefits not only the faculties but the entire students of our institution who also regularly attend this.

JOURNAL CLUBS are usually organized for students, they discus and evaluate about recent articles in academic literature, such as the Scientific literature, Medical literature or other clinically relevant articles. In addition to enabling members to keep abreast of the current medical literature, a journal club is an important forum for teaching research methodology, Clinical Epidemiology and Statistics, as well as providing opportunities for training in clinical decision making and gaining critical appraisal skills. Along with the Journal Club we used to conduct quiz competition for students and at time we will announce, appreciate and distribute the prizes to the winners which will help them to bring out the academic excellency.

During Covid-19 lockdown period our institution has organized a free online webinar series with live Facebook streaming of the talk by experts from all over the world, as a part of continuing medical education.

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