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Diploma in Endoscopic Technology

Diploma in Endoscopic Technology (DET) is a diploma program offered by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences.


  • This diploma program equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become endoscopy technicians. Endoscopy is a standard and well accepted method of diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal, respiratory, urology and gynecological disorders .It involves using an endoscope to look inside the body for medical purposes. Endoscopy technicians play a crucial role in preparing and caring for the medical instruments and equipment used during these procedures. Students in this program will learn to assist in various endoscopic procedures. The training covers sterilization techniques, including proper methods for decontaminating and sterilizing medical instruments and equipment. Students will gain a solid understanding of microbiology and infection control. Additionally, the program covers topics such as basic anatomy, physiology, surgical instrumentation, and sterile processing environments.


  • Basic Science including basic principle of endoscopy.
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic endoscopy
  • Endoscope accessories, reprocessing and recent advances. A minimum 50% of marks in each of the subjects is required for a pass.

Learning Objective

  • To understand the handling of endoscope and advanced technology which helps in finding out the gastrointestinal diseases
  • To understand the concept of Endoscope and its advantages
  • To understand the functioning, maintenance of Endoscope and its Sterilization.

Career Opportunities

  • At the end the training programme the candidates should be able to perform as endoscopy technicians, assisting doctors in performing various type of endoscopic procedures.
Duration: 2.6 Years including internship Affiliation: Affiliated to Directorate of Medical Education (DME ,Govt of Kerala) Course outline: syllabus

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