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Dr. Shabeer S Iqbal


Dr. Shabeer S Iqbal

Assignments for the current year

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Non-Academic assignments for the current year

Research areas

  • Clinical Biochemistry, Diabetes mellitus, Diagnostic markers, Phyto-chemistry, Herbal formulations, efficacy and toxicity studies


  • Significance of Liver Function Tests In Preterm And Full Term Neonates. Shabeer S Iqbal, Lapin. A, Anju P, Deeshma P, Athulya K. Int J Med Lab Res 2019, 4(1): 35-39).
  • “Evaluation of Phytochemistry, Anti-oxidant & Free Radical Scavenging activity of a Novel Polyherbal Formulation” Shabeer S. Iqbal & Prema Gurumurthy.International Journal of Pure and Applied Biomedical Sciences; 2016 Vol. 1(1).(NAAS score 4.74)
  • “GC-MS Analysis, Heavy Metal Content and Prediction of Anti-Diabetic Activity Spectra of A Novel Polyherbal Formulation”. Shabeer S Iqbal, Prema Gurumurthy, Patchaiappan Pravinkumar, Pawan Kumar, KalathilSadasivan Pillai. International Journal of Applied Research. 2015; 1 ( 6): 276-281.
  • “Effect of Polyherbal Formulation in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus” Shabeer S Iqbal, Y V Rama Krishna Reddy , Sai Krishna Borra, P Pravinkumar, R Swathy, Deepa Babu, Pawan Kumar. Jour of Med Sc& Tech; 2(1); Page No. 22 – 27, Jan 2013. ()
  • “Phytochemical profile, heavy metals contents and antioxidant activities of an antidiabetic polyherbal formulation”. Pawan Kumar, Patchaiappan Pravinkumar, Shabeer S Iqbal, KalathilSadasivan Pillai, Mathews Michael. Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry. 2015; 3 ( 6): 08-16.
  • “Fourier Transform Infra-Red (FT-IR) Spectral Studies of Novel Poly-Herbal Formulation of Anti-Obesity Drug”. Pravinkumar Patchaiappan , Sadasivan Pillai , Mathews Michael1, KavyaK , Pawankumar, Shabeer S Iqbal, Anand T & K M Cherian. Jour of Med Sc& Tech. 2015; 4:(1).
  • Effect of Curcumin against oxidation of Bio Molecules by Hydroxyl radicals. Sai Krishna Borra, Jaideep Mahendra, Prema Gurumurthy, Shabeer S Iqbal, Jayamathi, Little Mahendra. Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research. 2014;8:(10).
  • “Effect of primidone on therapeutic efficacy of mifepristone”A. Arulselvi, R. Swathy, Shabeer S Iqbal, P. Pravinkumar, PremaGurumurthy, and V. Jayanthi. Asian Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Research.2013; 1(1):20-26.


Qualification :

MSc MLT, PhD Clinical Biochemistry

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