EXCELLENTIA-13 (June 2021)

EXCELLENTIA-13 (June 2021)
The program was conducted by Lisie College of Allied Health Sciences on June 5th,2021. Ms. Niljiya (2nd year BSc MLT) was the MC of the program. Dr Shabeer S Iqbal (Principal, LCOAHS)
had welcomed everyone especially the new DMLT students. Mrs. Mila VS (Assistant professor, LCOAHS) presented the seminar session (Topic: A black and white era after covid 19)
A quiz competition also conducted as part of the program which was lead by Mrs. Aleena Titus (Assistant professor, LCOAHS).
  • 1st: Sreethu SL: BSc. MLT (2019)
  • 2nd: Sneha Seby: BCVT (2020)
  • 3rd: Surya Thankappan: BSc. MLT (2017)
 Congrats to the winners!!!

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